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Aivia Vegan Bologna with Ham 300g

Aivia Vegan Bologna with Ham 300g

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Experience the pinnacle of vegan cuisine with our Vegan Salami-Style Bologna. Crafted exclusively from top-tier vegan ingredients, this remarkable vegan food product is a testament to both quality and flavor. Its distinctive taste profile is meticulously crafted, featuring a harmonious fusion of key spices such as pepper, nutmeg, and basil.

Our Vegan Salami-Style Bologna is not just a delectable treat; it's a shining example of what vegan food should be. Its ham-like texture adds a touch of elegance to your charcuterie board or sandwiches, offering you a wholesome and satisfying vegan experience. We prioritize clean, pure ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a step towards better health.


Water, SOYA Protein Isolate, Sunflower Vegetable Oil, Potato Starch, Salt, vegetable Extracts, Spices: Black peppercorn, Nutmeg, Basil.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy 98 kcal / 413kJ
Fat 3.2g
of which saturates 0.6g
Carbohydrate 0.8g
of which sugars 0.5g
Fibre 16g
Protein 48g
Salt 1.98g


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