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Plant Pops Lotus Seed Bites Himalayan Salt 70g

Plant Pops Lotus Seed Bites Himalayan Salt 70g

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Introducing our Himalayan Salt Lotus Seed Bites, a proud recipient of the prestigious Great Taste Award! As if the crave-worthy factor wasn't enough, our award-winning salted lotus seed bites are now available in a bigger, better, and crunchier 70g pack, proving that irresistibility just got an upgrade.

Prepare to embark on a taste journey with the perfect blend of Himalayan salt, recognized for its purity and distinctive flavor. Each bite is a celebration of the artful balance between the light crunch of lotus seeds and the rich, savory taste of Himalayan salt, creating a snack that's not just good but award-winningly great.

Indulge in the snack that stands out, and discover why our Himalayan Salt Lotus Seed Bites are a recipient of the Great Taste Award. Elevate your snacking experience with the larger 70g pack, because when it comes to moreish delights, we've set the bar higher. Get ready to savor the crunch and excellence in every bite!

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