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Mozza Risella Organic Spreadable Blue 150g

Mozza Risella Organic Spreadable Blue 150g

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MozzaRisella Blue Spreadable is a rich and creamy vegan blue cheese alternative made from BioSuRice, a unique blend of whole Italian rice and Dolomitian spring water. This versatile cheese substitute is also infused with high-quality nori seaweed and ulva sea lettuce to add an authentic blue cheese flavor to your favorite dishes.

Free from harmful additives such as GMOs, lactose, gluten, soya, and cholesterol, MozzaRisella Blue Spreadable is made from premium organic produce in a dedicated allergen-free plant-based factory in the Veneto region of Italy.

Enjoy its delicate taste and soft texture in a variety of dishes, from spread on crackers to spooned on top of salads and potatoes. Ideal for both hot and cold, sweet and savory recipes, MozzaRisella Blue Spreadable is a perfect addition to your cheese platter.

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