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Supergood! Soft 'n' Squidgy Chocolate Cake Mix 350g

Supergood! Soft 'n' Squidgy Chocolate Cake Mix 350g

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Introducing our Supergood! Soft 'n' Squidgy Chocolate Cake Vegan Mix, a 350g bundle of pure delight that lets you have your cake and eat it guilt-free. This vegan and gluten-free chocolate cake baking mix is designed for those who crave a thick, squidgy slice of chocolatey indulgence without any post-treat regrets. With all-natural, organic ingredients and a super delicious taste, it's the ideal cake for any occasion, ensuring that everyone's invited to the party.

Indulgence without Compromise: Imagine sinking your teeth into a thick, squidgy slice of chocolate heaven that leaves you feeling satisfied, not icky. Our Soft 'n' Squidgy Chocolate Cake Mix makes that dream a reality. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, it's crafted with care using all-natural, organic ingredients, so you can enjoy every bite without hesitation.

Baking Made Easy: Just add 63g of vegetable oil, 220g (1 cup) of your favorite dairy-free milk, and 20g (1 tbsp) of agave syrup or honey to the mix. Follow the simple instructions to create two delectable cake layers that are both moist and rich in chocolatey flavor. Once cooled, generously cover them with chocolate icing and decorate as desired.

Quality Ingredients: Our mix includes unrefined cane sugar, buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, cocoa powder, tapioca flour, inulin, gluten-free baking powder, raising agent, and salt – all sourced from organic agriculture, ensuring you get the best in every bite.

Vegan Icing Recipe: Make your cake even more irresistible with our vegan icing recipe. Using vegan chocolate chips, dairy-free milk, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt, you can create a smooth and delectable icing to cover your cake. Top it off with raspberries for a delightful finish.

Certified Organic: Our product is proudly certified by The Organic Food Federation, so you can trust that you're indulging in high-quality, organic goodness.

Recyclable Packaging: We're committed to sustainability, and our packaging is recyclable, so you can enjoy your cake with peace of mind.

Elevate your baking game and savor the exquisite taste of our Soft 'n' Squidgy Chocolate Cake Mix. It's the perfect treat for any occasion, offering a guilt-free, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free option that's bound to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

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